Home is where your HeART is 2022

Sketchbook page 2022
Night sky shooting stars
Wheels on Fire
rainbow over G Street
grrrrrr mask
bat boy
eye work
work in progress
owl for mothers day
there’s an art in my kitchen
Billie T-shirt for cousin
arrr me harties
tower 1
pink tower
we love Blackpool
hand printed t-shirt with hand made printing plate
dolphins t-shirt
Kirstie’s art
we are family
hello kitty
rabbit rainbow

‘I’ve had the best day for weeks today’

spray paint airplane
dragonflies and space canvases
space dragonfly

We are now back working with our fabulous participants on the ‘Home is where your hART project’

spray painted selection
what’s new in the kitchen
Space is so deep
dragonfly in pastels
butterfly away

Creative sketchbook

Gary graffiti canvas 2022

Urban Arts Studio

Urban Arts Studio St Annes on Sea Lancashire

Current exhibition: Turkish Cypriot artist Ayten Nightingale ahead of her new solo exhibition

Latest exhibiting artist


we made the local paper

By Wes Holmes

Thursday, 14th April 2022, 3:45 pm

The Urban Arts Studio on St Annes Road West has recently opened its doors on an array of abstract and classical paintings all made by people who found solace in creativity.

Curator Boz Phillips, of the Last Legs Community Arts organisation, said: “I was offered the opportunity to use the walls as a space to put up community artwork to promote local artists, professional and non-professional. It’s really just trying to give artists and local creatives somewhere to exhibit their art which they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to do.

“It’s therapeutic as well – ‘art is for health’ is our slant on it. We are a community arts organisation, so its a good space for us to use. New arts show at Urban Arts Studio in St Annes.

Pictured are artists Robert Haworth, Boz Phillips, Diane Duxbury with manager James Hunter.

“It benefits people, it helps their self esteem. To get people into a creative mindset can often be a distraction from other things that are going on in their lives. It really does help community come together. It’s something that is overlooked a lot, but it’s a really good way of helping people look at life a bit more positively.

“Then there’s the opportunity for people to sell their art, which most non-professional artists wouldn’t be able to do.”

The show, which features paintings from Robert Haworth, Leah Payne, Diane Duxbury and Andrew Greenwood, can be viewed on Thursdays and Fridays.

Diane, 63, a graffiti and abstract artist, was approached by Boz to take part in the show after rediscovering her love of painting while recovering from a back operation.

New arts show at Urban Arts Studio in St Annes. Pictured is Robert Haworth.

She said: “I’ve always loved art. I did it at school and was always interested, but I thought I was never very good at drawing people or landscapes. It was only when I had a bit of time on my hands off work that I started messing about with the paints really – the bigger the better.

“The Urban Arts Studio is trying to promote different people, which I think is brilliant. There’s not many people around here who do it.”

New arts show at Urban Arts Studio in St Annes. Pictured is Boz Phillips.

New arts show at Urban Arts Studio in St Annes. Pictured is Diane Duxbury.


acrylic on canvas Leah Payne 2022

Currently offering exhibition space on walls at this amazing music, performance and art space in the heart of St Annes on the Fylde coast.

We are interested to hear from local artists professional and non professional who are interested in having a chance to show work here or run workshops and events.

Collage with printed element Boz Phillips

The venue is a bookable community arts space and has already held several music and jam nights while hosting the art works of local artists including members of Last Legs arts organisation, since the end of covid restrictions last year.

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Acrylic on canvas Diane Duxbury

The aim of the venue is to support local and up and coming artists, musicians and performers of all kinds by offering a platform for new and exiting work