Pottery Workshop at Memory Lane Cafe with Jeanette Cosmic Pots

angie salad






To start off the day Angie Buss collects salad for lunch from the community garden at Ibbison Court

thumb in





Jeanette has everyone’s attention

making pot



look at my hands










Somebody is very quiet for a change. But not for long

look at my hands grr



DSCF8033 expert pot DSCF8043         look at my flower pot           holding pot like flower     sunny           pott design just made                                           painting jug

























































Just a selection of the work made today.

Thank you so much to Jeanette – Cosmic Pots


We are looking forward to seeing all the pots after firing.

Thank you all again for participating . We hope you enjoyed making pottery today.

See you next month for silk painting with Tina Lane.