Revoe mosaic project 2018








This week after collecting tiles from Kass at ‘Al Murad’ Blackpool and spotting a small hoard ready for the skip at another shop, we had a ‘trial run’ of using the pieces that Mr Dee spent 3 days cutting up. The Hand Made Un’s Art Club have been looking forward to starting the work after we secured a small pot of funding for materials earlier this year, thanks to Pippa Martin.








Lee’s drawing up on the backer board ready to add tiles.

Keep watching the page for updates over the next 2 months.








Margaret tried out a windmill design, while Andy ‘supervised’.

Anita tried out a house design.








Barbara worked on her King Edward Picture House  design. The location of the finished mosaic will be on the side of this building


Projects in 2018

After a busy and successful 2017 we are now looking forward to 2018.

In January we will be continuing with the successful ‘Art Buddies’ in a new Blackpool location – Marton . The first leaflets have now been distributed to people in sheltered housing in Marton. The project is funded by Blackpool Coastal Housing.

In February we  exhibited a selection of our work at Urban Arts Studio St Annes.







With the community in Revoe and the Art Club Hand Made Un’s we  created two new poster for the front of the King Edward Cinema. Project commissioned by Blackpools’ Healthy Living and Creative Design Officer.







With the Hand Made Un’s and community members in the Central and Revoe area we are creating a community mosaic. The mosaic will be installed on the empty spaces along the George Hotel  on Central Drive  visible to the wider community.

Work starts this Friday after 2 days of sorting and cutting tiles

We  received a very generous donation of tiles from Al-Murad Tiles Blackpool branch. Thanks to artist Kass –

for sourcing these end of line tiles for our mosaic.

Colette Halstead has also donated a number of glass items for us to include in the mosaic.

In other exiting news – Boz has met with the Seaside Stitchers

with a view to working with them on a project on behalf of

Blackpools’ longest established artists group: Blott Artist Studio.

The project will involve creating art works to celebrate 100 years of  Womens’ Right to Vote. The project will culminate in an exhibition of work by local artists and community involved participants, including performances from local choirs.







Hand Made Un’s created a sash/ banner prototype for the project to show our participants a small sample of what we could make for the ‘Marking The Martyrs’ project.

We are also planning an exhibition in Revoe of ‘Hand Made Un’s art works; plates dishes, cups and saucers, which will also be for sale. Date and venue TBC in 2018.

items such as these beautiful Blackpool themed plates are now available prices start at £3: half the money will go to the community center the other half to the lifeboats.







Going on further in to 2018 we are looking forward as always to working with Shabby2chic and the wonderful Sandra.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year of creativity in 2018.