Live Paint at Spare Part Festival Tram Sunday 20th July 2014



On the 20th July we participated in the Spare Part Festival funded by Left Coast as part of Tram Sunday in Fleetwood.

Mr Dee worked on a live graffiti paint starting at 12.30

We would like to thank Sandra at Shabby2Chic for driving us and all our boards wood and cardboard to the Festival and picking us up at the end of the day. A big Thank You Sandra.





DSCF3543 DSCF3619



Finished at 5pm


Subway cars for graffiti at Spare Part Festival Tram Sunday 20th July 2014

Subway cars  for people to add their own graffiti to

The build when we arrived with all the pieces

DSCF3492 DSCF3493

As  part of the live paint event Mr Dee with the help of our photographer Lee Hodgkiss and our new organisation member David Jennings we created and built 2 small subway cars on wheels that later joined the Tram Sunday parade.

Boz Phillips set up a workshop for  or should I say ‘put out paint all day’ for enthusiastic children , parents and members of the public to paint the subway cars with their graffiti.

The subway cars were a big hit thanks to Mr Dees’ ideas and Dave and Lees help.

Everyone loved the opportunity to decorate the cars from 12 noon until 3.30  when the parade commenced.

See for yourself the participants work below.

DSCF3495 DSCF3496 DSCF3501 DSCF3502 DSCF3505 DSCF3512 DSCF3514 DSCF3518 DSCF3521 DSCF3523

DSCF3526 DSCF3528 DSCF3534 DSCF3537 DSCF3545 DSCF3546 DSCF3548 DSCF3549 DSCF3551

Decorated inside and out

DSCF3557 DSCF3562 DSCF3568 DSCF3569 DSCF3572 DSCF3573 DSCF3576 DSCF3583 DSCF3593 DSCF3608 DSCF3609 DSCF3611 DSCF3616

DSCF6003 DSCF5990

Then we joined the parade

DSCF3636 DSCF3635

UDP dance members took the photo opportunity after some of their members added name to the trains


Shabby2chic upcycle workshop

We work with Shabby2Chic because they support people in our community to achieve their aims of finding skills and employment. Through Sandra’s dedication to recycling and supporting the people most in need in the community to make Blackpool a better place to live and work.

We recently worked with Sandra on workshops with young people who produced the following ‘Shabby chic’ items. We could not post until now as one item was made for a wedding present.

Finished pieces


Before during  and after images













Fantasy Plant Shop 2014 New Project

Commissioned by the Left Coast ‘Growing People’ strand of funding we launch our new project. ‘Fantasy Plant Shop’ on August 25th: supported by the Hub and New Revoe Residents Association. We will be making plants and flowers at a workshop on the day.

In November we will be working with Revoe Learning Academy for a week of workshops to create fantasy plants for the shop.

The project will support the residents in their work with Groundwork and the community to create a community garden in the Central Drive/ Revoe area of Blackpool. We will work with residents of all ages to create the ‘Fantasy Plants’. The Fantasy plants will be displayed in an empty shop on Central Drive Blackpool in December 2014

Have a look at our facebook page.


Veg head Archimboldo inspired made by Boz Phillips 2003

If you would like to get involved please contact us though the FB page.