Home is Where the HeArt is August 2022

Large canvas completed with young people

We worked with a large mixed age group today can you tell what we did?

hands across the generations


We are privileged to be able to work with our community thanks to a grant for ‘Home is where the HeArt’ is provided by Blackpool Coastal Housing’s Tenants Project Fund

first footprint
give me that art
we can do it together

The Art Group at Revoe was a bit quiet this evening but we were anxious to give them the art prize that Jean Scott won for her poetry and that is included in the updated Makezine. Jean generously donated her prize to the group.

Three from Revoe Art Group receiving Jean Scotts prize Three Makezines found a ‘foRevoe’ home

We have now given 30 Art packs to the family center in Blackpool and have a further 30 made up now and waiting to find new homes

New Makezines and new art packs ready
New Makezine with Jean Scotts winning poem: hot off the press

A busy year so far with new possibilities on the horizon close to home, fingers crossed.

The link below will take you to an online version of the Makezine.

If you would like to download a copy or copies of individual pages we can send you a dropbox link.


We helped make some t-shirts for ‘Gorton Fest’ where we love working.

Now our Makezine has been published we can include it in our packs to continue giving out to participants for the rest of 2022


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