Last Legs community arts organisation

‘Building Creative partnerships with community members’


Last Legs Community Arts Organisation: providing quality cultural experiences with the community. 

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Our 20+ years of community participatory arts practice enable us to support participants to create high quality art works while experiencing excellent opportunities for engagement in meaningful and useful life skills.

Aims of Last Legs Community Arts

  •  To facilitate the art making of any individual or group in the community.
  • To work with people who are disadvantaged through circumstance and have no formal access to arts activities.
  • To work in partnership with organisations that require arts facilitators with a knowledge of graffiti, and community arts-health.
  • To search for and identify funding from appropriate sources to enable Last Legs to provide arts activities to disadvantaged or under represented community members.
  • To provide arts projects and workshops with an emphasis on improving intergenerational communication whenever possible.
  • To provide opportunities for young people to engage in art projects that encourage literacy.
  • To promote health, well being and self esteem through community arts activities, projects and workshops.
  • To work in partnership with any individual, artist or organisation with our ethos when the opportunity or funding allows.
  • To promote graffiti art and its history.
  • To provide quality art experiences and outcomes.

If you would like to contact us please email

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This site is dedicated to our work with community members