Art Projects in 2019








This year we have already presented ‘The Grange’ with an art work created in collaboration with the Grange Park community and members of the ‘Art of Recovery’  group. We have received such great feedback that we will be continuing to work at the Grange with the ‘Art of Recovery’ group from the end of January .

Our art work has even been made in to a postcard that will go out to Grange Park residents




Going forward in to 2019 we continue to work with Horizon Blackpool, Blackpool Gorton St Hostel, the Revoe and Central community,  Urban Arts Studio St Annes, and are currently finalising the ‘Art Buddies’ project over the next month.







Art work ‘Onward and Upwards’ now installed at hostel in main staircase:created last year over a number of sessions with residents






                                                ‘…just passing through’