Together as Individuals we make the difference

Working with the community gives people of all ages a unique opportunity to make a difference to the social fabric of society through creativity.

Working together we make a difference to each other.

·’I love it when the art group is here as I can get lonely- I have made new friends in the art group and I think it has helped my confidence, I am not scared to speak to people in groups now.’

·’I have found a new passion in art since going to Lee and Boz groups, when I left the hostel to go into supported accommodation I started an arts and crafts group, I would never have had the confidence or skills to do  this if it wasn’t for Boz and Lee.’

·’I felt like I could speak to Boz and Lee about my struggles whilst doing Art, this really helped my mental health, before then I didn’t realise how much it would help, I wish I started doing Art sooner, I find it as a form of therapy.’


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