Art in the Park Doreen Holt Park Blackpool

Art in the Park Doreen Holt Park Blackpool.

Funded by Friends of Muir Housing.

A  number of these art works are to be shown at the Grand Theatre Blackpool on Tuesday June 2nd as part of the Breaking Convention show.

team blackpool


mr dee and bryn








Painted boards in Doreen Holt Park Bethesda Square Blackpool

2 thoughts on “Art in the Park Doreen Holt Park Blackpool”

  1. This is amazing- Doreen Holt was my Nanna and I’m sure she’d be so proud to see the park being used by local children. She loved this area so much.

  2. Thank you Abby for taking the time contact us. Doreen is still very well loved by people in the area. We love Revoe and continue to work in the area with the community. We are working with Revoe Learning Academy (Revoe School) this coming week. All the very best.

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