Art Projects in 2019








People trying to find themselves on the clock














This year we have presented ‘The Grange’ with two art works created in collaboration with the Grange Park community and members of the ‘Art of Recovery’  group. The art works include photos of over 100 individuals from the Grange Park area and from the Art of Recovery groups . Community members from Grange Park and people from the recovery community allowed us to take photographs to add to the final piece. We also received a number of super photographic images for inclusion, taken by Donna Hannigan. The ‘Freedom Clock’ art work is now complete and up on the wall, next to the first.

Freedom Clock Poem by art group member

‘Life is like one big clock Keep on thinking happy thoughts Tick tock: tick tock’.






Our last  art work  made in to a postcard that went out to Grange Park residents




Marking the Martyrs in 2018






A big thank you to Corrine Streetly, director of award winning Blott  Studio

for including us in this beautiful catalogue commemorating the ‘Marking the Martyrs’ parade last year. We participated in the celebration of ‘Votes for Women’ along with our friends the Revoe-lution choir.

‘Onward and Upwards’

Going forward in to 2019 we continue to work with Horizon Blackpool, Blackpool Gorton St Hostel, the Revoe and Central community,  Urban Arts Studio St Annes, and the Grange – Grange Park community.

We are also delighted to announce that BCH –

have agreed to continue funding our creative activities -art project ‘Onward and Upwards’ with Blackpool Gorton Street hostel residents.

We look forward to working in partnership with them 2019.







Art work ‘Onward and Upwards’ now installed at hostel in main staircase:created last year over a number of sessions with residents

‘I’m buzzing .. this is what I should be doing, it could help sort myself out and stay focused’

I’m really in to art….I used to do arty stuff with the kids when I worked as a nursery assistant .. it was my favourite thing to do with them’.






                                                ‘…just passing through’ 



One thought on “Art Projects in 2019”

  1. On behalf of Horizon (Blackpool’s drug & alcohol support service), who support the Art of Recovery in Blackpool group, I would like to thank you for facilitating this project and creating such a spectacular piece of artwork with the help of the residents of Grange Park. We too have had some amazing feedback! We’re really looking forward to seeing the next creation!

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