Last Legs creative resource Easy print making at home using recycled materials

paper beads
hand made beads using hand printed paper







We have been busy developing a new resource to support people who are isolated or have no access to creative activities due to the current situation.

As we work with hundreds of people each year we want to provide ongoing support to our participants,  at the beginning and end of our projects with them. This resource will also offer a ‘taster’ for some of our current activities, to people we have yet to work with.

We have recently received a grant to provide Last Legs with ongoing  funding to develop these ideas further.

In the meantime here is a taste of work in progress for development

Foam printing plate from pizza foam base

Tools and materials needed for foam printing plate

foam pizza base


straight edge or ruler

felt tip or permanent marker


a tube of paint

a clean sponge

any paper cardboard for example a recycled envelopes cereal box

full foam plate printing kit
printing kit with prints made using recycled foam pizza base







Find a foam pizza base and cut in to smaller pieces or keep whole

draw out a simple bold design

with a pencil draw out the design pressing a little harder in to your design but don’t push through the foam

paint foam block sponge
foam plate part covered in paint









squeeze out paint on to a plastic or washable surface then dab the sponge (smooth side of clean sponge) with the paint and then dab the paint on to the foam plate until the whole surface is covered.

foam plate and print
recycled foam with print





Place the paper on top of the plate and smooth lightly over the top with a clean piece of sponge or lightly with hand or put plate face down and apply light pressure to back of plate (whichever way gives best results for you)

You can make a few prints and then make more designs on to the plate and reprint with a different colour at a different angle (using lighter colour paint first then darker for each new layer)

small piece of foam to make eye
small printing plate of eye







or use the pieces you have cut up / off

to make smaller plates with different designs and over print or make new prints

I have cut up some of the paper to make paper beads –

Instructions for beads are in Make-zine

paper beads

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