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Fantasy Plant Shop Mushrooms with Revoe Learning Academy


As part of our Fantasy Plant project and Funded by LeftCoast we worked with year two at Revoe Learning Academy and here are their ‘Fantasy’ mushrooms. Here is a small selection of their work.

Each pupil picked out an unusual¬†mushroom name from the ‘mystery bag’ and then drew out the design before making their own mushroom using recycled materials.

They turned out just great.


Four more year groups’ work to follow this week.


Fantasy Plant Shop project workshops at the Monday Club September 2014

jacket spud 1








Jacket Spud by Boz

Some of the¬†latest ‘Fantasy Plants’ made by us and participants at the Monday Club: all from recycled materials

so real

Horned Melon

horned melon








Flowers, Plants, Vegetables and Fruit by workshop participants.

A big thank you to Tina, Katherine and Andy and all the workshop participants for all their hard work.

A ‘thank you’ rose

thank you rose






Snap Dragon

snap dragon2
















A feast of flowers

plants a gogo2







Buddha’s Hand

back buddhas hand








Happy Flower

happy flower








A big thank you to to Sams scrap store Blackburn for having such fantastic materials for us to make these amazing plants with.

vibrant music mushrooms

Mushrooms and Vegetables by Boz

veg brighter